Bespoke Leather Jackets
Mathieu Castanier has garnered international attention for applying traditional tailoring techniques to garments not traditionally associated with Saville Row.

Today, our ateliers in Portugal offer both full-bespoke and semi-bespoke leather jackets for the customer demanding uncompromised fit.

Full Bespoke
A bespoke leather jacket takes 2 weeks to manufacture exclusively by hand.
Each bespoke jacket is fully handcrafted by the best artisans in our own Lisbon
As a bespoke customer, you will be choosing between up to 200 references and colours, incl. full grain Nappa leather, suede, lamb skin,exotic,
embossed and printed leathers, and vegan options like Pinatex.
In close collaboration with our master tailor, you get to select every minute detail of the design and style of your jacket.

You will also be invited for multiple fittings
to guarantee that your jacket fits you perfectly.

Semi-Bespoke “Ready-to-order”
For those who prefer ordering their clothes without going through the bespoke
process, our ready-to-wear lines offer the look and feel of our bespoke tailoring.
You get the unmistaken Castanier style, with details selected by the master tailor himself at a lower cost than a bespoke jacket. The flawless craftsmanship and elegant design of a bespoke garment is available for order online or by visiting our showroom in Lisbon by appointment only.
All made-to-order jackets are handcrafted in our atelier in Lisbon by the same artisans who craft our bespoke jackets.

However, your options will be limited to
our house design and a range of basic colours of leather in Nappa and suede.
Semi-bespoke “ready-to-order” leather jackets will be ready for delivery within 15 days for delivery in Europe and worldwide.

The Finest Tanned Leather
The key to any distinguished garment is using the most exquisite materials
available. A Castanier bespoke leather jacket is crafted from the highest quality hand dyed and tanned hides on the market. The leather used for each jacket is carefully chosen in collaboration between tailor and client. As result, the supple leather will mould to the wearer over time, becoming like a second skin. Like any bespoke garment, our leather jackets only get better with every wear.