Our Bespoke Tailoring Service

The Bespoke Experience

Bespoke Suiting
Commissioning a bespoke suit is you chance to dictate every detail of the
construction, design and fit of your garment. Under the expert guidance of master
tailor, Mathieu Castanier, you will be able to select the cut, fabrics, style, shape
and materials to define your personal taste. The result will be a one-of-a-kind
garment, achieving a perfect fit to your body and personality.
A bespoke suit takes 28 hours of work to be made exclusively by hand in our atelier.
All of the 220 individual steps of crafting a bespoke suit, from cutting to the final
ironing phases, are personally overseen by Mathieu Castanier to ensure that every detail is absolutely perfect.

Measuring & Design
At least 20 measuring points are taken to design a template from the ground up unique to you.

No 2 people stand, walk or move exactly the same, a bespoke suit is cut to, not
just fit your body, but follow your every movement.

The traditional suit with full canvas or Full Canvas (Hand made)

Full cover is the perfect choice for those looking for a structured suit that ensures quality and luxury.

Traditional suit contain horsehair, allowing lightness and rigidity while retaining some elasticity, which avoids any wrinkling that could visually disturb you.

This type of suit adapts perfectly to the person who wears it while maintaining its shape and structure.

Since the tension is distributed over different points (located at the shoulders, chest and hips), this full-interlining suit has real durability.

The semi-traditional suit semi-canvas or Half Canvas

The semi-canvas suit allows you to benefit from a quality fit while being less expensive than the canvas suit.

This category of suit guarantees a good structure of the upper part of it because it is tripled with horsehair on two thirds : the chest and the lapel.

This therefore allows a better development of the chest and shoulders.

As semi-interlining requires half the labor of full interlining, the price of the latter is also lower than that of fully-covered suit.