Traditional British tailoring with a
contemporary aesthetic

Castanier Bespoke continues the tradition, attention to detail and excellent
craftsmanship that has made Saville Row tailoring world famous.
The skills perfected over centuries and passed down from master tailor to apprentice are
expressed in every garment leaving the workshop.
However, as testament by the opening of our futuristic London flagship store in
2019, we have a vision of bringing British tailoring into the 21st century.

We craft modern tailoring combining what our clients desire from the British, Italian and
Parisian tailoring traditions.

Castanier suiting, shirts and leather jackets marries intricate handwork with art lining and technology such as 3D configurator software and 4K design technology.

Castanier Bespoke dresses today's quality conscious clientele including business leaders, finance professionals, and artists.